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Alight Conversation Feedback

The contents of this page was originally authored at http://www.alightlearning.com/alightlearning/educon22 by the participants in Alight's EduCon 2.2 session: A Student's Vision of Personalized Learning & Real-time Collaboration

Collaborative Learning Spaces

Examples of existing learning environments:
- Alight Learning
- Moodle
- Blackboard
- Sakai

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Instead of separate tools, what environment would you create?

::::Important Qualities::::
Cohesion between all the different parts
Revision History - people are OK with editing
Importance of security
Certain activities may allow students to be anonymous (to normal visitors)...but not always

Asynchronous discussion
Synchronous discussion
Media from different sources
What do we do when students abuse system? (appropriate use = very important)
History feature (to undo edits)
Inviting and suggests open collaboration
Possible issues with unequal access of students being able to use a tool like this at home.
More than one person to be able to edit at the same time (real-time collaboration)
Tools for students to create different types of media (or bring in media that they have created with other tools)
Give students ownership of the environment
Visual Appeal: is it easy enough to use that students can use it, but complicated enough so that it's interesting?


In contrast with textbooks and other traditional printed resources, an online environment does not need to be static — learners can contribute and evolve the content year after year. Improvements can be distributed to everyone

"Dont' underestimate the power of an audience"

Collaborative Resource Sharing

Important Qualities:
- Searchability, ease of access, bottom-up organization via tagging
- Ability to organize information
- A way to add comments to resources &/or links
—Connect resources in a personal way
— Ability to boot out a student if "inappropriate"
— Knowledge is never wasted!!!!!
- Feedback and conversations can happen within the context of individual resources
- Allow teacher to focus class on their resources—not get buried
- Spark and facilitate discussion around resources (you don't just read them)
- Integrate with Diigo / Delicous so teachers can use resource libraries they already have
- Ability to rate and rank resources
- Ability to add resources
- Related resources
- Rated by reading level/grade level/subject
- Updated regularly
- Compare to online malware databases
- Databases that check for malware and spyware automatically!!! :)
—->Checking validity of sources, startin

Enabled Experiences:
-Students must know validity of resources<—must be taught. :)
-Knowledge is never wasted!!!!!
-Constant resource they created
-Too many comments can be a hindrance to access resources
-Students can add resources and work on their project at home, or when they have time and have it when they need it!

Appropriateness of content

Relevant Example Tools:
Track Star

> http://trackstar.4teachers.org/trackstar/

Personalized Learning

Most Critical Aspects to Personalizing Learning?
-It must have multiple representations-for instance slide show, demonstration, game style
-Should have different reading levels of text
-Personalized for interests, ability, maturity level, learning style
-Very streamlined for teachers w/ limited resources
-Promote further discussion by students
-Allow students to congregate and build their own personal discussion group
-Gives students who are otherwise socially afraid a voice

Affinity groups

Benefits of the Personalization inside and outside the classroom?
— choices of different topics for an activity, students can choose groups ased on interests!! :)
-Allows learning to not be fixed to time
-Benefit for student is everyone finally is reached
-Benefit for teacher is opens up the time for students who need f2f assistance

—-What can technology facilitate?

Interaction with peers
Moving forward at your own speed
Levels of learning/information

Lesson Plan Collaboration

Your Thoughts Here:

- A means to incorporate student feedback
-Historical data in-context about student grades in activities and courses
-Students learning from students
-Teachers learning from students
-Teachers sharing with other teachers, discussing improvements and reflections on lessons. :
-Teachers collaborating with teachers they work with! (Clusters)
-Safe space (closed space?)

Tools Necessary:
-A supportive administration —> helps teachers be less afraid of technology tools
-Need to be able to save work
-Needs to be able to cut down on time
-Resource sharing and ability to personalize lessons for your needs
-Ability to create a folder for a lesson with all materials that I've used (scan and upload pdf, visuals, etc.)
-Identify dead links

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