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Improving Professional Development with Online PD

Session Three: Saturday 2:30pm–4:00pm
Room 300
Barbara Treacy, Chris Champion
Affiliation: Education Development Center's EdTech Leaders Online / PA e-Learning for Educators
Conversational Focus/Audience:
All School Levels
Conversation Description:

Professional development for educators usually takes place near or around the educator's school district, rarely exposing them to perspectives outside the area. In many cases, this means that a teacher isn't given a broader view of education and best practice. ====== EDC's EdTech Leaders Online helps educational organizations build capacity to incorporate online learning and prepare teachers not just learn new subjects, but gain new perspectives about education. The courses available to teachers are written by practitioners with classroom experience and incorporate a facilitated online learning community model. As projects like PennTeacher.org (Pennsylvania's implementation) move forward, educators are learning to pair 21st Century skills with traditional curriculum. ===== This session will address the following questions through group participation and discussion: What can and can't be taught in an online setting? Are there topics that are under-represented in professional development that can be better addressed online? What are qualities of effective online instruction? How can online instruction be structured so that it is accepted (and paid for?) by administrators that are more familiar with face-to-face PD? How do you choose facilitators to teach these courses? How does online PD increase access to learning for busy teachers and help them build effective professional learning communities? ===== This project is based on research conducted by the Education Development Center but this CONVERSATION is intended to capture a broader perspective from participants, structured as a guided inquiry of the problems facing professional development. Facilitators hope to learn along with participants how online learning can address those problems.

Complete diagram with attendees findings can be found here: http://mywebspiration.com/view/317451a8cf8

Conversational Practice:
Using a mind map, we will start with a framework based on the questions stated in our focus and attempt to answer them as a group. We'll use a jigsaw method to break participants into small groups to facilitate the most participation, then ask groups to check back with the entire room as we address each question, building the map as we go. An attempt to use Mind42.com (or another online mind mapping solution) will be made (network resources providing) in order to share the mind map live with participants. Alternatively, Inspiration will be used and shared as an image. Either way, the mind map will be embedded in the EduCon conference wiki as part of this session.
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