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Comment #241 in Conversation: Wikis for a Dynamic Curriculum

Modified Tuning Protocol

1. Introduction - Facilitator briefly introduces protocol goals, norms, and agenda.

2. Presentation [20 minutes]. Presenter describes the context of work (its vision, coaching, scoring rubric, etc.) and presents samples.

3. Clarifying Questions [15 minutes maximum]. Facilitator judges if questions more properly belong as warm or cool feedback than as clarifiers.

4. Warm and Cool Feedback [15 minutes]. Participants among themselves share responses to the work and its context; teacher-presenter is silent. Facilitator may lend focus by reminding participants of an area of emphasis supplied by teacher-presenter.

5. Reflection/ Response [15 minutes]. Teacher-presenter reflects on and responds to those comments or questions he or she chooses to. Participants are silent. Facilitator may clarify or lend focus.